Sunday, March 20, 2011

Top notch hats for Kids

From Top Notch

We are a topnotch baby and children's polar fleece and knit clothing company. Our products include baby hats, toddler hats and children's hats, baby mittens, children's mittens, kid's gators, kid's headbands, baby blankets, children's purses and accessories made with Polartec polarfleece which is non-pilling and breathable. We also feature the new Curly fleece which is warm and adorable. In addition to our polarfleece line, we have also added our knit ski hat line incorporating our top of the line polar fleece also.

Our clothing is inspired by parenthood, innovative ideas and the desire from all of us to give you THE BEST products possible. All of our products are handmade with great care and attention to detail and can be purchased in the colors or a combination of colors shown.

Don't let this face fool you! This kiddo stayed toasty warm on a single digit hike. The warm fleece cradled his face and ears, allowing him to snooze and miss the beautiful day!

"She loves her hat and never wants to take it off." I thought the reviewer was just using some creative emphasis, but the child wore the hat through our lunch. This pink hat is adorable on the model and has great features.

The mother loved the warmth and velcro. The fleece is soft and washes well (when the child allows the hat to be removed). The noodles of fleece at the top can be removed if they don't suit your child. The fleece is doubled over the ears to keep them especially warm. The Velcro does not scratch the face and keeps the hat securely on the child (just in case your kiddo wants to remove the adorable hat).

A mother of an infant loved how her young child could not pull it off during a hit without her knowledge. Apparently, the father also loved that the fabric was free of cartoon characters!

These hats have stretch so they can last a kiddo longer than most. Top Notch has many styles of hats and fleece patterns. They can make you a custom hat upon request as well! The following picture shows their new curly fleece that looks sheepishly soft!

The people I has contact with at the company were friendly, helpful and accommodating. It makes me happy when a wonderful product is backed by a great company. I hate endorsing a product with a company I don't enjoy. Whew! Good people - support them!

I give TopNotch hats my Alaskan Mom Approval as they are as warm as they are cute. They have solid construction, wash well and keep kiddos warm during the chilliest of play days! Play on kiddos, with warm ears in a Top Notch hat!


I love my new top notch fleece hat for my son who is 11 months old. It is super soft and fits his head like a glove. The shape of the hat actually is not round like ordinary hats. It is curved at the top so it fits the shape of a child's head perfectly. It does not move or shift, is super warm (double layered) has a strap that rests just under the chin with a nice Velcro strap. For $18.00 I would say it is worth every penny.
I love that there hats are inspired by parenthood, innovative ideas and the desire from all of us to give you THE BEST products possible. All of their products are handmade! They come in cute patterns, shapes and sizes. I would feel 100% confident my son would be warm on a very cold day in this hat. They are great! -Leland

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