Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snow Stopper Mittens

These are the Patented SnowStoppers® Mittens featuring the SnowStopper® Sleeve, Waterproof Liner and Thinsulate Insulation just like our Fleece Mittens. But the Nylon Outer Shell material resists snow, ice and water better than fleece.

It is really hard to find a mitten that a child can snow fish with, keeps snow out of his arm while retrieving snow bound fish and keeps fingers nimble for changing lures. Thankfully, the Snowstoppers showed up on my doorstep!

These mitts have a long and stretchy sleeve attached that runs almost to my kiddo's elbow. I had to remind myself to put them on early in dressing process so the sleeve was under the coat. I did once fit it over the coat sleeve of my younger child, but it was a tight fit and I wouldn't suggest it.  Once on, a veritable blockade was created to keep snow out.

The child in front is not wearing Snowstoppers 
and is much more grumpy than the child in back with Snowstoppers!

These gloves kept snow out even when arms plunged arm pit high into snow. With other gloves, this would result in us having to remove the glove and snow and warm his hands on my belly. Not fun for me.

The arm section is stretchy and soft, the outside water resistant and there is a small Velcro piece to fine tune the fit. I did find it hard to get the thumb into its housing, but we have difficulty with this in our house.

The warmth factor was perfect for the days where we played outside for extended times. I wouldn't use these in sub-zero weather, but warm snowy days are perfect. The outside showed wetness after a long fishing session, but the child denied having cold hands.

They are made in nylon and fleece with a good selection of colors.  The company makes assorted other items such as hats, hoods and a convertible mitten for adults so they can text while in cold weather.  They are having a sale on fleece gloves so you can grab a pair for next year for a steal!

I think these would be perfect for little ones being packed, pushed or pulled. The parent can be assured the little one hasn't de-mittened himself as they are under layers only Houdini could find. 

I give these Snowstopper Mittens the Alaskan Mom Approval stamp as they keep snow out of arms, are almost impossible for the child to remove and allow the child and parent to stay outside and play longer!


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