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Ralphie - "Getting ready to go to school was like getting ready for extended deep-sea diving." A Christmas Story.

No one knew my youngest son learned to walk during the winter. He was always packed tightly into a snowsuit and couldn't walk! Thank goodness Knutes let us review some of their gear so my child could show off his walking moves this winter.

(picture of my son, pre-Knutes and unable to walk or out his arms down)

(the same child moving all limbs freely and staying warm in Knutes)

This gear is top of the line and is durable. Due to constant wear, I have washed the garmets and they look perfect. There is no piling or fuzziness developing. My child has played in puddles, snow, climbed on trees and tried to slide down a gravel hill. No snags or thin spots! They are ultra warm and comfortable for the child. For the parent, they are made out of recycled materials. Fabulous!

The fleece blocks wind quite well and seemed to provide protection from the wet snow. My child sat in the snow for a long period digging, but his under layer was dry when I finally got him to come inside. Amazing. Layers can go under or over (we did this with a rain suit) easily letting this coat and overalls take you through many seasons.

The coat does have snaps which I didn't like at first. Now, I love not having the metal zip up close to his face on cold days. It easily closes securely and has two near together at the face for fine adjustment.

This child is modeling the coat ($44.95) with hood and reflective tape (hidden by mittens). He has tested this in single digit temperatures without a whimper. He also has on the overalls ($39.99). The previous photo shows the hood ($19.99) that comes down the neck and blocks any breezes. It also looks adorable with its little point!

The overalls have two snaps to adjust for length and are long enough for my long limbed boy. I love that no snow can sneak under is layers as with typical fleece pants. They come up over his chest to keep him extra warm as well. Few companies still make fleece overalls and these are top of the line.

From the company:
When our first daughter was born, we found there wasn't any really good Polartec® clothing for the early years, so we created a unique collection of clothes designed for and thoroughly tested by Saede and now by Casie, too. Our products are meant to be worn longer by one child, and then passed on to many others!

Our kid's clothes are designed to get the maximum wear. Because kids tend to grow up fast, consider ordering the next size up. The overalls have adjustable snaps, the jackets and pants can be rolled up, and the vest is designed to fit over sweaters in the winter when your child is smaller, and as he grows into the spring, the vest will keep on fitting all year round!

I love this gear and can't say enough about it. They make many more items such as thermals, mittens, hats and I didn't even venture into the adult section. They test out some of their gear at the Forest Preschools in Germany, which shows what their gear must withstand. The values behind the company are wonderful and those I had contact with, personable and friendly.

(baby mitts under $7)

(innovative bunting that grows with the child about $100)

I wholeheartedly give this company my Alaskan Mom Approval. I might start a moose track rating system and this company will make the perfect score.

(sunblock onesie under $30)

I hope you check out their product line. The items are durable, will grow with your child, keep kiddos warm and let them play happily outside on the coldest of days. No reservations about recommending these. If my pregnant sister moves to a cold climate, I will tell her to avoid REI and Patagonia in lieu of the Knutes!

Please ask me about Knutes as I have become one of their biggest fans and supporters!

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  1. Wasn't sure the website was included, so please stop by at to check it out! Thanks Lia for such a wonderful review. We treasure our environment, so our products are made from up to 100% recycled bottles in Pennsylvania.
    If you sign up for the newsletter on the right side of our page, you'll get monthly deals. Right now we offer free shipping to "fans", and since you all missed our March Madness specials, Alaskan Mom readers can get 30% off all Polartec 300 Recycled gear until March 31. Just send an email with your order with ALASKAN MOM in the header, and we'll refund 30% plus shipping! Enjoy!
    Penny Eifrig