Friday, December 17, 2010

Toasty Kidz

Children's Balaclava

Toasty Kidz' philosophy: When kids are comfortable and happy, families can enjoy their time together more!

Here is how they describe their Children's balaclava-

Toasty Kidz winter hats are made from high quality polar/winter fleece. Similar to a ski mask or "balaclava" our hats provide children with full head and neck coverage. We use two layers of top quality fleece, and bright and fun colors and prints! We offer a superior fit, and a reversible design. Toasty Kidz winter hats provide not only outstanding warmth without weight, but are breathable, durable, and dry quickly.

I have been good at reviewing products in their order of arrival, but this one skipped way ahead of the pack as I just received it last week. It is that great of an item.

It was a dark and stormy night, but it produced the most beautiful, white and sparkly morning. The kids were grumpy and ramming each other with their trucks and I couldn't stand it anymore. I pushed, squished and crammed them into their winter gear. I tried my little one in his big brother's snowsuit and it was big, but it fit. The only problem was a large expanse of exposed skin around his neck in the back. I took off his usual hat with ear flaps and exchanged it for a new Children's Balaclava from Toasty Kidz. His head, ears and neck were covered! Also, there is no way my Houdini handed babe can extricate himself from this. It is very obvious that a mother developed this hat! (she has four kids under the age of seven- and invented this wonder, can she be human?)

I was drawn to this balaclava for its double layer of fleece and wide face opening. Other brands I saw had openings only for the face and nose, which even distress me, and some were meant to be worn under a hat and only were a light silk fabric. This balaclava provides enough warmth to go hatless, but is stream lined enough for a hood on super cold days. Living in Alaska, kids need hats that stay on and are warm. This may be made in Minnesota, but had an Alaskan muse I am sure.

There are wonderful fabric choices as well. I especially like that there are 2 choices for girls and 3 for boys, how often does that happen! All styles are reversible as well so it is really two hats in one. Additionally, the fleece is super soft with a bit of stretch. The seams are bound so none are exposed. There is also a little elasticized and gathered section at the base of the neck so it provides a better fit.

My one year old fits in the small with a little growing room and I would buy a medium for my two year old.

I was smitten when I unwrapped this and am now in love with this balaclava hat wonder. What clinched this romance was the price- amazing head gear that is functional and stylish for just under $20 (a penny under to be exact).

Please check out her website to see these hats and also her bedding!  She also has quite the following on facebook!

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