Friday, December 17, 2010

Stonz Booties

Leland won the giveaway for the Stonz boots with fleece liners. It was a perfect fit as she is a new comer to Alaska and is quite the adventurer. Her lucky son gets to experience beautiful places around our state. She wrote a review of the boots. If you are on the fence about winter footwear, I think this might help!

Visit their site!

Just look at the amazingly cute patterns for boots. Don't forget to look at their mitts and hats too!!!

I am a mama to an amazing little boy and we are quite active in hiking/play groups that go rain or shine. Living in Alaska where the temperature varies and the outdoors is endless, having the right gear for our little ones is very important. Once children are cold while outside, it is over! STONZ booties have completely fulfilled my confidence that my little mans feet will stay warm and dry while we trek out into the Alaskan wilderness.

I think it is hard to find a “shoe” for a baby/toddler that actually stays on and keeps their little toes warm. STONZ booties have a two-cord pull (one around the ankle and one around the calf) so the booties stay on and can’t wiggle down. They are very easy to put on too. No lacing or tying, just a quick pull! The bottoms are textured and have a non-slip grip for little one’s that are new to walking or love to run. I especially love the boots because the bottoms are a little wider than most shoes for babies/toddlers and I know my son’s little tootsies are warm because he can wiggle his toes around and he doesn’t feel cramped.

A great plus for these little booties is that you can buy fleece liners for them for the days when you need a little more warmth. They are extremely soft and very warm. STONZ also come in so many cute patterns, colors and sizes. These booties can be helpful rain or sine, summer or winter to keep your little one from getting cold, slipping or being uncomfortable. I can’t wait to show all my mama friends these boots! They will be hooked, just like I am. THANK YOU STONZ!

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  1. Leland, we're considering getting a pair for our 1&1/2 year old this winter. Would you say that this could be her only pair of boots, or would you recommend that these only be used in certain weather conditions? Thoughts on sizing (we'd be getting the linerz as well...)? How is the tread/slippage factor--do you think that they'd hold up on the ice and/or once it starts to melt and it's super wet? Thanks so much for any advice you might have on these little booties--they're sure cute!! :)