Friday, December 17, 2010

Sherpani Wahoo Fusion Child Carrier

(Ergo on first with little guy and then Sherpani on back with big brother)

Here are the specs from the REI site
  • Fully padded bucket seat and sides; seat is fully adjustable to raise or lower child for your comfort and to give them views
  • 5-point chest plate is a soft foam harness that supports child securely with 5 fasteners, 3 that unbuckle for loading/unloading
  • Foot stirrups let child balance himself in the pack or right himself if slouched over to one side; foot stirrups are removable
  • Attached bag on front features a large main compartment and a mesh pocket on the front
  • Fixed back length accommodates parents with a torso range between 17 - 20 in.
  • Manufacturer recommends child weight should not exceed 50 lbs., with total load (child + gear) not to exceed 55 lbs.
  • Sherpani Topper sun shade is removable; attaches and adjusts easily with nylon webbing and buckles
  • Sun shade keeps your little one from getting too much sun or splashed by sprinkles
My two cents!

In the years B.C. (before child), I didn't think I would have to change my lifestyle when I had kids.  I somehow thought I could just zip out the door at a moments notice for a cross country ski or hike.  It just isn't possible to be out the door within ten minutes (or an hour sometimes), but this pack can cut your prep-time and let you continue your wild and adventurous lifestyle (with style!). 

I keep this pack ready and fully stocked.  I have my hiking kit (diapers, wipers and the like), first aid kit, safety supplies (garbage sacks and hand warmers) and snack packs in the lower compartment.  I then can use the little backpack for whatever the day might need.  I have crammed this sucker full of food, hats, a shovel and camera.  I can slip a camel back into the mesh pocket between this little pack and the child's seat.

The kids are comfortable (and often fall asleep) while hiking on steep terrain, walking on paths and even while fishing.  It is light and cool on my back.  I can adjust the straps with the load (two year old or one year old) and adjust the seat height for the kids quite easily.

There are places to clip other gear (such as a mirror to check on the passenger) or bear spray.  I also use a lanyard to clip a snack cup so they can't toss it overboard during our journey.

The provided rain hood / sun shade is fantastic to keep the little one a bit more dry and comfortable.  It also acts as a wind shield when the weather is unruly.  Additionally, it can keep sticks and branches away from their faces.

Negatives.  I wish the rain hood could be stored easily in the pack so I don't have to remember to stick it in the car.  I do wish it could squish down a bit more, but the construction that lets you stand it up on the ground would be compromised (and is so nice!).  I would also like some sort of shield that could cover the passenger totally - it would go over their legs as well.  None of these would dissuade me from  purchasing this again. 

All in all, I love this thing.  I can continue getting outdoors comfortably and stylishly (I love the color).

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  1. Just picked up a used one on CL. Looking fwd to getting out for a hike with it this weekend. Thanks for the helpful post!