Friday, December 17, 2010

Oaki Rain Suit

Oaki one piece rainproof suitAfter seeing every child in Anchorage wearing a Tuffo rain suit, I searched out other options. I found a fabulous company called Oaki ( They have great gear that seems to be modeled after adult paddling gear. They sent a one piece rain suit for review and upon opening the package, I immediately ordered one for my bigger kiddo. They shipped the suit within hours of me ordering it online and it came in 3 days. The customer service is wonderful!

Here is the information from their site
ONE PIECE, FULL BODY, COMPLETELY WATERPROOF SUIT FOR KIDS! Features: * Tough rip-stop nylon construction * Fully taped seams * Hood attached * Reflective tape on arms and chest * Neoprene collar and wrists for comfort * 100% waterPROOF, semi-breathable This is the best built rain and boating suit available! It is designed to perform like a kayaking shell, and works great on the boat, in the rain, or anywhere. Dirt and mud wash off easily. PVC Free. Sizes run a little big. OakiWear brand gear for kids is specially manufactured to be top quality, and comes with a 1 year warranty to guarantee performance and durability. Of course, it's going to last A LOT longer than that!

The suit usually is priced at $49.99, but is currently $24.99 on sale. They also offer free shipping in the US (even to Alaska!).

This suit seems beefier than the Tuffo with stronger material and construction. When sitting in a puddle, you couldn't see evidence of seepage which sometimes occurs with the Tuffo. The suit comes in a bright red or blue color with great reflective strips for wandering child location purposes. There is neoprene along the neck and wrists which was a nice soft cushion. The elastic ankle helped to keep boots on my kiddo's feet. My kids stayed dry and warm sitting in puddles, splashing through creeks and crawling on soaked grass. I also liked the long zipper entry as opposed to the 2 zippers of the Tuffo (one less thing for a mother of two to handle). The hood fit well and didn't cover the eyes. It also has elastic and ties to keep it on in the wind. I plan on using these for the winter with fleece layers underneath.

The kids wore these on our last fishing trip. It was amazing to be able to put my crawler down on the muddy bank or wet boat without worrying about him getting wet and cold. My older son was kneeling in the water, yes, kneeling in the water for a bit and didn't get wet. I had the cuff rolled up and over his boots - it kept the water out! I tossed them in the washing machine on the instructed settings and they came out just like new - no more muddy knees or fish eggs on the arms!

I bought the suits large and my (large) 9 month old fit in the 2t with loads of growing room and the 3T fits my 2 year old with room to spare as well. I completely endorse these suits and will buy them in a larger size when these are too small.

Contact me to try out the suits or just to feel the material and give them a look!!


  1. I just bought these suits for my 1 and 3 year olds. We have not used them yet but are taking them to the beach in Washington in a few months. I know it will be a bit chilly and possibly wet so these will come in handy out there and in our wet Alaskan summers. I look forward to using them.

  2. Awesome! As usual, I always know who to ask for this type of stuff!! You're a lifesaver! :)

  3. I just found your blog! As a mom moving to SE AK, I am going read this religiously. You already helped me locate great kids rain gear which I was convinced didn't exist! THANK YOU!