Friday, December 25, 2009

Wristies Review

There once was ten year old girl who got snow up her coat when building a snow fort. Instead of whining and refusing to play outside anymore, she did something about it. She created a wristie. This is true story folks and this is a wristie. Stick with me while I explain exactly what it is.

It is a tube of fleece with a little slit for a thumb. Yes, that is a wristie.

I was given a bunch of these fleece tubes and offered them up to people at playdates, hikes and sledding parties. People were not jumping at the chance initially. Later, it all changed.

Kiddo demonstrates how they keep your hands warm while texting

The manufacturer suggested putting the wristie on just before the coat and over the last layer, a fleece in my kid's case. You put on the coat and then the mitten goes over the fleece preventing any gaps between mitten and coat. I found that it also gives a little more insulation on a mittened hand.

When the days are in at least the 20s, my kids often wear fleece mitts or dog booties on their hands. The wristies are perfect to give a bit more warmth. They can be wore alone on warmer days or when in a stroller or pulk and their hands will be under a blanket most of the time. One mother found that putting them on over a glove prevented the glove from slipping off and getting lost.

wristies keeping mittens on little hands

I have used mine cross country skiing. I put on a thin pair of gloves and then the warmers for the perfect amount of warmth and motion. If I get warm, I push them up my arm and when colder I pull them way up so they go around my fingers. How versatile! I also found that they can keep a hand warmer in place when worn under a glove.

They come in a wide range of colors and sell for about $10. What a steal to keep little fingers warm and kids happy! It was after a playdate in deep snow that mothers casually asked about the fleece tubes. They wanted something to prevent the snow from creeping up into sleeves!

Big kiddo demonstrating them as arm warmers

The manufacturer also makes products aimed at adults with arthritis and makes a pair with a little pocket for mini hand warmer! They have a zillion colors and prints with loads of sizes. My kiddos (1 and 2) both fit the second size. The fit is forgiving and will last quite a while.

When you visit the website, be sure to click on the part to learn more about the inventor. She was on the national rock climbing team, worked for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, was a river guide and has written a book. I thought I was doing good by getting dressed this morning.

You can't see the wristies, but they are keeping him warm in 3 degree weather

She donated many wristies to troops over seas and seems like an all around amazing gal! Visit the website and keep yourself and your kiddos warm!


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  2. These look great! I got some mimiTens for my 4 year old and they also work very well (although they are not fleece):

  3. I'm gonna get some for Harriet. They are perfect. When I worked for Outward Bound we always wore wrist warmers on winter expeditions. I still wear them today, made of old, felted sweaters. Thanks Wristies for offering the discount!