Monday, January 4, 2010

Podlett Review!
Kiddo sleeping warmly tucked into the podlett
Podlett? Yes, it has a strange name conjuring up many weird images. Nonetheless, it really is an interesting idea. This is basically a blanket with a warm and cozy foot pocket. It is two layers of fleece that trap your heat instead of letting it seep out of folds and tucks.

We had a cold snap where we didn't get into the positive digits for quite a while. I continued my schedule taking the kiddos out to our appointments and play dates. I bundled the kiddos up into their winter coats, but didn't want to put them into their snow suits.

After strapping them into their car seat, I would just hold open the cocoon, slip their feet inside and pull up the Podlett to cover their legs. I could fold the top down right underneath their chin or just over their waist. Voila! Warm kid burrito. Nothing to kick off or throw at your brother.

The child size fit both my toddler and one year old perfectly. It can be used in the car seat, stroller, ski pulk and snow machine sled! This versatility is key for me when looking for a product.

It comes in a nice fleece bag for carrying. It fits nicely underneath the Bob stroller. There are sizes from infant to adult and the website shows a woman in a wheelchair with one. They have five color choices of fleece as well. Prices range from $20 for the baby to $50 for adult. 

This is a great blanket for a stroller or ski pulk as well.  I think that my child's feet stayed warmer tucked inside this podlett and then under the blankets on a cold ski trip last week.  By itself, it makes a great layering piece or quick blanket.  The slit on the backside necessitates another blanket underneath if in the pulk so the kiddo has some insulation.

My thoughts - A great gift for a kiddo on the go as it is versatile and can be used in car seat, stroller or as a playtime sleeping bag.  It would be great if maybe the slit could be on the side and have a velcro closure to prevent the uninsulated bum.  It also would be fantastic to have a down filled version or perhaps one with a water resistant cover.  Nonetheless, it works well and washes well too! 

This gets an Alaskan Mom Approval!

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