Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I tossed a couple packs into my diaper bag thinking it would be a great snack when the kids got hungry at the zoo. They were so into the animals that they didn't want to eat. Mama needed food to maintain her positive outlook on the hour long viewing of the yaks I was enduring. I couldn't stomach fruit snacks and the goldfish looked a little past their prime. I ripped into one of the packs of almond butter and was instantly surprised. It was only 90 calories, so I secretly ate 270 calories without my kids noticing. I didn't want to share this wonderful paste with anyone, even my own offspring. 

From their website, 

Barney Butter is an all natural almond butter made with Premium California Almonds. It is craveably delicious, with a texture just like peanut butter. Made in an almond only facility, it is peanut free, ideal for those with peanut allergies. Barney Butter is naturally no-stir and does not need to be refrigerated. Gluten free, no trans fats or hydrogenated oils, and half the saturated fat of peanut butter make Barney Butter a healthy and delicious treat!

While you can buy jars of this golden goodness, the little squeeze packs are perfect for parents. They easily toss into diaper bags without worry of leaking or breaking. I have some in my hiking kit for emergency use as well! You don't need a spoon - just tear open and squeeze into an open and anxious mouth. Both my one and two year old went crazy for this stuff. I loved watching my one year old repeat the more sign even as I was squeezing it into his mouth. My two year old got a bit possessive and repeated "mine".

If you have a peanut allergy, never fear as this is made in a peanut free zone. If you are a gluten phobic, they are free of those too. One serving is about a handful of almonds too. There are 90 calories and 70 from fat, but this is good fat people that we need. There is 13% of your vitamin E and 10% of magnesium (so you don't have to eat a banana). 

I will now list the ingredients: almonds, evaporated cane juice, palm fruit oil and sea salt. Whew, that was extensive! What simplistic elegance!

The website has recipes, but I don't think I could waste any of this by mixing it and diluting the flavor. I will use plain old Jiffy for cookies and save this Barney Butter for eating straight up, or maybe squeezed onto a mini Hershey's bar if the day calls for it. 

(child running away with the packet)

The company was started by a mom making this delectable treat in her house jar by jar. I think that is enough reason to support Barney Butter in and of itself. While you can't stop a craving for this by running to the store, you can secretly buy vast quantities of it over the Internet. Stock up people for you and kids. I think it would be a great stocking stuffer too!

Wouldn't you love your own sample pack of this great Barney Butter? All you have to do is fill out the form and remember to like them on Facebook (unless you are one of the two people I know opposed to social networking) then just say No and I will understand.

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