Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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SammySack Design:
Durable weatherproof outside layer
Soft fleece insulation layer inside
Hourglass shape is folds at the knee without too much bulk
Wide sides allow blanket to be tucked in
Feet stay covered with the adjustable footpocket
Compatible with nearly all stroller types
Designed not to fall off, slide off, blow off, or be kicked off
Includes matching stuff-sack for convenient storage

The Sammy Sack Website

You can hook it to a car seat or carrier. It shows front facing carry packs and I tried it with the Ergo front carrying. It did work, but was a bit snug getting his feet into the pocket. It would work well to keep the elements off of him though sans pocketed feet.

They offer three different weights (cold weather, water proof or original), two sizes (baby and toddler) and lots of wonderful color choices. The prices range from $35 -$55 and are well worth it.

We had been house bound for a few days and I was going stir crazy. I had exhausted by creativity with the lentils, measuring spoons and cups. I had to get out even if it was -1 degrees outside and it was noon.

We warmed up the car and ran the kids out to their car seats. I grabbed the Sammy Sack for a test run in this weather! After strapping in my 2 year old, I layer the sack over him and tucked his boots inside the pocket. It was quick, easy and a layer of warmth! I wanted my own Sammy Sack as the heater was doing a good job of blowing cold air to keep us from sweating.

We drove downtown and found a parking spot a few blocks from our destination. We pulled the Bob stroller from the truck and plopped the kiddo inside. I grabbed the sack and snapped the straps around a piece of the frame on each side (these buckles are adjustable so you can clip it to most anything). This kept it up near his chest and not around his ankles as most fleece blankets do. I put his booted feet in the pocket and cinched up the shock cord. A tuck here and there, then a flip to keep the wind off his face and we were off.

It kept him warm and protected from the wind. The sack kept his body heat centralized rather than escaping through gaps in coats and slipping blankets. It also kept his hands warm so mittens were not necessary. The material would also keep him dry if it had been warm enough for snow or slush. An added bonus was that we could tuck his Salmon inside and he didn't fall out as he often does!

I loved not having to keep adjust the blanket or worry he had pushed it off and was getting cold. We could just roll it down inside the building without having to take it off, stow it and retrieve it again before leaving. This is a great piece of gear for any person getting out about in all sorts of weather. I also could see using it to lay on the ground for changing a kiddo during a winter hike or just for sitting them down if the ground is damp.

My only wish would be if they made a down quilted version. This one did keep him warm amazingly, but it would be so cushy to have a huge quilted sack for cold Alaskan days!

Thank you Sammy Sack for letting me review this great item. Sammy Sack, you are Alaskan Mom Approved. Grab the button from my homepage side bar if you wish!

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