Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Flipple

Baby Flipple getting ready for use after a 3.3 mile hike into a forest service cabin in Alaska

I was quite nervous flying with my 3 month old.  I used my frequent flier miles to upgrade to first class.  In my mind, the people and staff would be nicer in the front of the airplane.  I stayed up all night worrying and packing extra diapers and extra wipes.  My son ended up nursing and sleeping the entire flight.

I think there is a scientific calculation that points to the conclusion that children are easiest on airplane flights at birth.  The difficulty increases sharply until a child reaches age five and then it levels off a bit.

[There is no actual scientific data on this topic currently available as
 no scientist would voluntarily take a group of children onto an airplane] 

Did you forget your baby bottle at the playground?  At least you have the Flipple in your bag!

Feeding is often a fear for new parent fliers. If you breastfeed, a privacy cover and pillow to put under your elbow is all you really need.  For those parents that bottle feed, it is a bit more difficult as there are bulky bottles, cans of formula and cleaners.

A mother-inventor sent me a box of Baby Flipples and I think these could help all the parents traveling this summer.  The Flipple allows you to fill a plastic water bottle with your formula and water.  You can then clean the bottle for future use or toss it into the recycling bin. 

-About the Flipple-
Flipple is a multi-positional adaptor that can be attached to bottled water as a funnel so formula can easily be added. When it is flipped and re-applied, baby’s favorite nipple can be added thus turning bottled water into a baby bottle. The seal is between the nipple and the water bottle so it is guaranteed not to leak. You are already carrying bottled water and baby bottles – why not leave the baby bottles at home… on purpose!  (from Flipple Facebook Page)

Here is some information from the manufacturer of the Flipple:
  • Baby bottle on the go - never take a baby bottle from the house again
  • Turns bottled water into a baby bottle
  • Funnel allows any powder to easily be added to almost any bottled water
  • Avoid any emergency feeding situation by always carrying a Flipple
  • Innovative thread design allows this adapter to fit almost all domestic bottled waters
  • Currently 5 Flipples for about $15.00 on Amazon
A bit past the bottle feeding stage, but still enjoying sipping cool water in a controlled manner!
My boys typically help test products, but they are far from nursing.  Nonetheless, I let them give it a go!  

For the older child, the Flipple allows a child to use a plastic water without the typical spillage down the shirt.  It allows an adult to squirt the water directly into a child's mouth thereby keeping everyone hydrated, but without the typical shared germs.  They loved squirting each other on a hot day and watering our plants without flooding the poor seedlings.
This little guy enjoyed chewing on the cold water in the Flipple

 Of course, the Flipple is designed for the younger set.  One tester said that she wished she had the Flipple on her last plane ride.  The flight sat on the tarmac for over an hour and the bottles sat nicely in the terminal far from the hungry baby.  She has since kept a Flipple in her bag as she can always find a water bottle. 

Another tester brought her Flipple on a long hike with her two kiddos.  She said the funnel helped corral the formula into the bottle nicely (she cleverly measured out the formula into small re-sealable snack bags).  The baby took a couple of sucks before taking the bottle as the nipple was slightly different from her usual.

Flipple along the edge of Lake Eklutna
All of my testers had a little trouble getting the top to screw onto the waterbottle. It seems to not be seated correctly, but it is sealed when turned upside down. Even when I kept screwing the top, it did not break. It also stood up to testing by my two rough kiddos.

I liked the top that covered the nipple so it stayed clean when tossed into the bottom of the stroller or backpack.  One tester said she liked how small and compact the Flipple is for travel. The mother-inventor of the Flipple said that she is hoping to come out with a toddler sippy type top in the near future.

I give the Flipple my Alaskan Mom Approval.  It can help the bottle fed baby go on hikes, camping trips and rafting adventures without the need for extra bottles (lots of weight for the parents to carry!).  It is durable and has many uses beyond feeding (watering plants, water fights and even creative painting perhaps!). 

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