Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Cot

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I had extreme cot envy as I was trying to sleep sitting across the seat in our minivan one hot Hawaiian night. The kids were in their car seats, but kept shifting around trying to get comfortable. We were high up on a hill heading the tsunami warming that sent us out of our perfect oceanfront condo. A family in the little car behind us opened the trunk and pulled out one of these cots, put a blanket on top and then put on a kiddo who sprawled out and returned to sleep. That would have been so nice!

Beyond vacations in evacuation zones, the Regalo My Cot can be used in many places. The obvious one of sleeping quarters for a child on a camping trip, visit to grandparents or fishing (they can sleep high and dry off of the mud and water). I am a strong supporter of co-sleeping, but might pull this out and delicately move my kiddo over to give myself a bit more room!

Specs From the manufacturer about My Cot - The portable bed measures 48 inches long, 26 inches wide (weighs 4 pounds) and provides a 7 inch clearance from the ground. The cot cover is machine washable, so it's quick and easy to clean after each use. The bed liner can be wiped down with a cloth and warm, soapy water.

I let the testing crew have at it and put the cot through the ringer. They jumped on it (not recommended), turned it upside down and hit it with a paddle (definitely not recommended, but it was a boat and there was a "river" involved). It help up well without the fabric giving, stitching pulling or poles bending. My children spilled hot cocoa on the cot, but the sheet washed easily and the cot itself was cleaned with a rag.

The cot looks similar to the folding camp chairs with a carrying bag. It slips out easily and opens without trouble. I did keep trying to push the legs out to make it flat as it doesn't click or lock into place. There are little pegs to keep it from over extending though. There are instructions enclosed, but they are not needed!

My children enjoyed playing on it and sitting to eat their snack, but said it was uncomfortable when laying down. There is a stronger piece of fabric in the middle of the cot that makes the head and feet a bit lower. Reading on the Internet, this problem is easily corrected by first laying down a blanket or foam roll. I wonder if you could use that problem to your advantage as a nest for an infant or even twins!

Currently, you can find a My Cot on Amazon for $28.00. I think this price is reasonable as I would assume it would outlast the child! Children can use this until 75 pounds or 52 inches and is suggested for ages 2-5.

I don't know that I would use this for tent camping, but I have motorhome friends who said it would be perfect in the aisle of their camper. I give this my Alaskan Mom Approval even though it needs padding. If you are going to pack in the cot, you probably wouldn't mind bringing a pad as well. It can be used as seating in a pinch and also as a table, so it has versatility. It keeps kids off of cold, wet, muddy or even the hot ground so you can stay outside longer with happier kiddos!

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