Friday, June 24, 2011

Cargot Diaper Organizer

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A tip for parents who want to keep their active lifestyle is to have a grab bag. This bag has essentials that can be tossed into a backpack, stroller or tote. I keep wipes (in a plastic bag as those cases take up loads of room), two diapers, hand sanitizer and a doggy waste bag (for dirty diapers). I then can toss in any needed snacks, entertainment or gear knowing I have the essentials covered. I also replenish any item I used during the outing immediately upon returning home.

The Cargot Organizer has three pockets large enough for three or four diapers, a travel case of wipes and then another smaller pocket where I place the doggy bags and hand sanitizer (they suggest a tube of cream or lotion). The whole thing folds and snaps together with an elasticized strap to hold large and smaller loads tightly. You can also hang the organizer for easy access during wiggly diapering.

I have not had trouble with items falling out, even when tossed into one bag or another. I can grab diapers out with one hand, so the protesting toddler doesn't slip off of the changing table. It is compact and let me get a smaller diaper bag! I would like it to come in a ripstop fabric that is more durable and looks more "outdoorsy", but that is just me!

My children were helpful with the durability testing. I really hate doing this with items I like, but I handed it over to them. They stuffed fish into the pockets and ran around holding onto the strap. I breathed a sigh of relief when it came through unscathed! It also cleaned nicely in the wash after it suddenly appeared with a sticky, pink substance.

While I often give away outgrown baby items, I will hold onto this one. People said they use their organizer for taking to the swimming pool, hair trimmers, elderly Depends undergarments, and for their Nook readers! I think it would be perfect for keeping travel items organized in my carryon.

I love the idea of stuffing it full of supplies for a new mom as a shower gift. Some cream, a cute onesie, maybe a toy and some socks. I think it would be perfect! The organizer is $33.99 and comes in four color patterns of recycled cotton.

I give the CarryCargot diaper organizer my Alaskan Mom Approval as it helps me get out the door fast, keeps me organized and makes changing a toddler on the trail much easier!

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