Monday, January 31, 2011

Warm me Ups - Mitts

From the company-

As a Registered Nurse, I have also seen the relief that warmth can bring to sufferers of Reynaud’s Syndrome, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and countless other conditions. Achy joints and sore muscles can make the difference between enjoying life and just getting through another day.

Well those days are over. The crew at Warm Me Ups has created microwavable products that once heated will stay warm for hours and hours and you don’t have to keep them on continuously to enjoy the benefits. Wearing them for just a few minutes is usually enough to provide long periods of relief.


Hand, joint, neck, foot and throws are available in amazing animal prints such as cow, cheetah, camel, dalmatian, chocolate moose and more. The mitts I tried sell currently for $29.99.

"Oh, your lap is really warm. Do you need a new diaper?" I laughed at this interchange between my father and his grandson.

It was not a matter of bodily fluids keeping him toasty, but rather the new Warm Me Up mitts I was testing. The mitts are basically large sleeves which are closed on one end. There are two gel packs in each mitt - one on the top and one on the bottom.

I heat the mitts for about 3 minutes in the microwave and head out the door. Our ski took a little over an hour and the mitts were still warm when we got home. A few other outings took around an hour with similar results - warm and toasty kids. I was so impressed with how long they retained their heat.

I put one on each kid's lap and they would out their hands on it or inside the mitt. I also tried it at their feet when they wore slippers in the trailer and we had warm toes at the end of our journey. Fantastic! I would not wear them birdwatching (not just because I don't often watch birds), but they are a bit heavy and cumbersome. I can't see myself wearing them while active, but rather to keep my hands warm while on a snow machine ride, in a car with my sister (she likes it cold, cold, cold) or to help warm up after ice climbing.

I liked putting them on my hands after being outside. The cozy heat was so soothing. I also placed my water bottle inside to keep it warm! I kept thinking of other uses for this such as keeping the camera battery from getting cold sapped, one for each foot of a non-walking child, on an upset belly, to keep a baby's bottle warm during a hike, and many more.

I know the price might be a bit alarming, but if you think about how many disposable hand warmers are used in a winter, it might change your mind. These mitts also are a more eco-friendly way to keep warm as they can be reused innumerable times. Save money and the planet, two birds....

I give these my Alaskan Mom Approval for their versatility, ability to keep my kids warm on long, cold trips, how long they retain heat and how they are reusable.

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