Monday, December 17, 2012

Kalamazoo boots by KEEN

 Review of the Toddler Kalamazoo Boot by KEEN!
(We LOVE Them!)

Carrots and Keens - a perfect combination
I really wanted sandals by KEEN when rafting on the Tuolumne River in California.  I kept jamming my toes on rocks, while my mother's toes stayed bruise free inside her KEEN watershoes.  Oddly enough, I thought KEEN only made shoes for rafting and boats!  I came across these Kalamazoo boots and am smitten.
Today, it was zero degrees
My son, D, inherited lots of great things from me, but he also seems to have gotten my cold extremities (and ability to trip on flat surfaces).  Our fun often ended due to crying from cold toes.  These boots paired with wool socks are perfect for teens and above.  When colder, I just use the adhesive toe warmers to keep them even more toasty.   They are lined with KEEN's charcoal bamboo (from their website: KEEN.WARM is a lightweight, anti-microbial insulation that provides warmth where you need it most.)
Great boots for a playground
These boots are not bulky like the typical winter bunny boots.  I love how close they sit to the leg.  While the bulkier boots can provide more warmth, they often making walking and playing difficult.  These boots have both a waterproof breathable membrane and a waterproof leather and textile upper.  Amazing combination if you live in a climate offering lots of snow, ice and melting snow!

Great tread and traction
They also have amazing tread on the bottom.  He doesn't slip as much as his older brother (it sort of levels the playing field just a bit).  I like how they don't collect snow between the ridges.  Apparently, these soles have a bit of a magical quality: "The KEEN Dual Climate Rubber outsole hardens in cold weather to bite into packed snow."(per KEEN website)  I told you it was magical!
Boots never fell of as they climbed on this wood pile
My older son's boots often get pulled off when climbing through trees, while going sledding down a hill and even just walking in deep snow.  During the month long testing of these boots, these KEENs did not even come off one time.  I love that.  The miserable whine of a child who steps out of a boot into wet snow is something I hope you don't have to experience.  Especially if you are a ways from your car!

Great velcro near the top of the boot and ankle
The strong velcro is amazing at keeping the boots on the foot.  You can also adjust the fit quite a bit.  I usually have D wear one pair of wool socks and his long johns inside of the boot and his fleece pants outside. There also is room inside for toe warmers.
We love these boots!
The suggested retail cost for the Kalamazoo is $75.00, but I found prices ranging from about $45 or $80 on the internet.  My reviews usually say that I love the product, but think they are overpriced.  Wait for it...  These are worth the price.  Seriously, you can't put a price on boots that are well made (my nephew is going to get these in a bit) and keep your kid's toes toasty.

I do have to provide some balance to the review though. While my son can get on his other boots without help, he needs assistance getting these on properly.  I would also like to be able to stuff his fleece pants inside the boot as well.  I have had trouble in the past with Velcro losing its stick and hope this stuff holds!  That is it.  Those are the only problems. 

These minor issues don't hold me back from a positive review.  I give the KEEN Kalamazoo my Alaskan Mom Approval as they keep my kid's toes warm, don't fall off, are durable and made by KEEN (a company with great customer service!).  Visit their site to get a bit more information and browse their boots for yourself (tons of fantastic styles!!!).

**KEEN sent these boots for a full review of my opinions (be they good or bad) at no charge**

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  1. I was just thinking about Keen Winter Boots the other day. Big MK Kid owns a pair of Sula Leather shoes and we adore them. Good to see a good review of the boots. We might have to check into them.