Sunday, March 20, 2011

Joglite Vest

We knew we were still in the park, but didn't really know which trail we happened to be on or which knoll was behind us. We also knew that our littlest orienteering team member had run back on the trail to find the oldest member of our team (grandpa). It was summer in Alaska and edging towards dusk so I ran back down the trail and about tripped over my kiddo stooping down to look at some scat (bear droppings, kids learn this word early in Alaska).

His winter coat has a few reflective and high visibility areas on it, but not so on his summer coat (or diaper). I received a Jogalite vest to review and would have loved it last orienteering season!

This vest goes over the head and then has two pieces of elastic that Velcro to the front. It is mesh and feather light. The vest comes with a square of reflective material for personalization. I used a Stampin Up star punch And then ironed them onto both the front and back. The edges pulled up a bit as they were ironed onto mesh, but they seemed to affix well otherwise.

This would be wonderful for children walking to school in the winter, for walking the dog and hiking. A simple swipe of a flashlight lights up the areas and easily identifies their location. I also could see having my son wear this when we do our town runs (1000+ people) so I could find him fast in a crowd.

It is light enough to carry on a backpacking trip and stuffs easily into a tight space. The expanding waist area adjust to fit over a tee shirt, winter coat or life jacket. My son forgot he was wearing it, until he passed his reflection in the window and saw his "stars".

From Jogalite
Our premium vests for Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes feature over 30% more tape than any other vests of their type on the market
Our vests are the only sports safety vests sold with an ironclad 3-year consumer guarantee
We only use gridded tape, with ‘cell' construction which keeps it waterproof and visible in virtually any weather

Problem areas: My 2.5 year old son could easily take it off, but unless he is planning a stealthy get away wouldn't use this skill to his advantage. The stars will eventually peel off of the fabric, but the vest itself has reflective qualities. It is a stretch, but running through the forest could pose snagging hazards with the mesh.

I give this product my Alaskan Mom Approval as it helps families safely explore Alaska in all seasons. It also keeps young "explorers" from getting lost in their adventures!

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